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Australian cattle dog, Chinese shar pei





House Trained
Untested with Kids
Good with Dogs
Untested with Cats
No Bite History
No Special Needs

Laid back? CHECK! Loves to travel? CHECK! Low Maintenance? CHECK! This sweet girl is ready for her new chapter begin. This is Coco, a Shar-pei mix with a lot of love to give. Coco is 9 years old, spayed, house-trained, and a real people lover. Coco came from a veterinarian's office in PA who reached out to rescue when her people could no longer care for her. She is quiet and low maintenance and happy to follow her people around the house, go for car rides, and walks around the neighborhood. Coco loves toys and treats, but she has to watch her treat intake to keep her girlish figure.

As with many dogs of the Shar-pei breed, Coco has some skin issues that required a lot of time to diagnose. She lost a lot of hair and had red, itchy skin for several months. All of that has cleared up now that we discovered she has an allergy to beef. Since her dietary change her fur has filled in and she is looking much happier and healthier. Coco is also dog selective. She can tend to be bossy with other dogs and not like her personal space invaded - don't we all? She will do best in a home with dogs her size - 25lb and up - and who are not much interested in dog to dog interaction. She just likes to do her own thing and quietly coexist with her doggy siblings.

If Coco sounds like a good fit for you, please complete an adoption application to have her join your family!

Coco will be available for adoption in Massachusetts with a fee of $650.00 The additional $300 is added to her adoption fee to cover the costs for transport and quarantine facilities mandated by the Massachusetts Department of Agriculture.

Smithfield, VA
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