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10 YEARS OLD, 2014-05-15




House Trained
Good with Kids
Good with Dogs
Good with Cats
No Bite History
James has dry eyes and is currently having a compounded eyedrop called Tacrolimus, which is administered twice a day. This has greatly improved his condition. It is unknown if he will need to continue the drops indefinitely. Monthly cost is approximately $60.

With a name like ""James"" you can be sure you are meeting a very distinguished gentleman. James is a truly regal dachshund and he has a reserved manner befitting a dachshund with a royal name. James was found as a stray and was not reclaimed from the shelter in southeastern Virginia, but he was lucky enough to land a cushy position as a foster with COALDR. His exact age is not known, but his vet feels he is in the 8-10 year age range. Since coming into rescue, James has had a full medical work-up and he is in excellent health which tells that he was a beloved pet in his former home. His only medical need is a dental cleaning, likely with extractions, which he will be receiving on July 1st.

Once he has had his dental, James will be ready for his new home, and he has a list of royal demands. James requires a carefully curated diet to help him continue his weight loss journey. He is just a bit on the sturdy side and would like to present a more sleek physique for the ladies. Oh, and about the ladies. James does LOVE the ladies - two-legged ladies and four-legged ones. He is definitely a lover of the females of all species. Now, James is a connoisseur of the finer things in life - a large kingdom where he may roam and rule benevolently, a private bowl for his perfectly clean tepid water supply, and the finest of treats to reward him after a long day of naps and kingly undertakings. James' perfect family will be a quiet home with or without other dogs (he does love a lady companion, but he is dedicated to his royal duties so she must be self-sufficient and not too clingy), and no children. As a regal and fine dachshund, James does not fancy being picked up often, or being told what he may and may not do. His middle name may very well be ""Stubborn"". He does deign to allow belly rubs but on his terms alone and only once he deems you worthy. If you feel that you may offer this very handsome and fine gentleman a castle where he may be king, you may submit an application for his approval. James is fostered in Smithfield, VA.

Smithfield, VA
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