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7 years ago one of our co-founders & her family welcomed a dachshund into their home to foster. Little did they know the incredible impact this pup would have on them. 


His name was Chance. 


Chance was seized for abuse by animal control. He had been paralyzed & dragging himself around outside for awhile until neighbors reported this poor pups life. When the owner refused to take him for medical attention, animal control took over & found a rescue to take him. 


Chance landed in our co-founders home after 2 previous fosters gave up on him. He was still paralyzed but his open wounds from dragging had healed. As soon as he came into this family’s home he touched their hearts with his perseverance & love. This little pup wanted to walk so bad. He wouldn’t stop trying & they knew they had to do what they could to be his advocate. 


After numerous consults with multiple doctors, Christine was told that he would most likely never walk again. Too much time had passed. She looked at him struggling to stand with his favorite ball in his mouth & knew that she had to at least give him a chance. PT, laser therapy, water therapy & acupuncture appointments began soon after. Christine did his appointments during the day while Matt did the home PT exercises with him at night. A few weeks went by & he stood on his own. Strong & tall (well as tall as you can get for a dachshund) Then the steps came. Then the running. Running with that ball in his mouth. Running all over the place. Ears flapping. Happy. 


Chance now had one speed & it was GO!! He loved playing fetch, loved his squeaky toys & more importantly he just LOVED LIFE!! 


He was adopted by his foster family. His family continued to foster other pups & Chance welcomed each & every one of them into his home. He played with the puppies, comforted the scared ones & sat with the older ones. He loved them all. He was kind hearted & good natured. His loss 4 short years later was such a devastation. 

This rescue has been inspired by his memory. He was our “Little Engine That Could”. 


We rescue in his honor to give these pups the CHANCE that they deserve.

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